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Let the Public Know.
We keep Washington running, but many are unaware of who we are and the important work we do.

A fair contract for us is a win for us and the people we serve. When we have community on our side, we're unstoppable. 

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Please share with the public why you deserve a raise.

Make sure to include who your job helps, and how.

Share the value of the work you do. Who benefits from it? Residents depend on the services we provide. The public needs to know why we deserve a raise.

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We aren't nameless, faceless "public employees." We are neighbors, family members, friends, and pillars in our communities.

Including a picture will increase the impact of your quote.

Note: You should be the only person in the picture.

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I hereby authorize the AFSCME Council 28/WFSE to use my name, photo, and quote in communications including direct mail, leaflets, website content, print or electronic media advertising, press releases or other medium. I understand that my quote may be edited for clarity

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