Creating a shared vision for the community health assessment

Use these links to reach the full 2021 Klamath County Community Health Assessment and the 10-page synopsis of that assessment.

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* 1. Are you familiar with the Klamath County Community Health Assessment done every three years?

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* 2. The 2021 Community Health Assessment vision was:

To be a balanced, beautiful and accessible community.

Balanced = having mental, spiritual, physical, social and emotional aspects working in unison for health and vitality.

Beautiful = seeing each other as human beings with infinite potential and worth; appreciating the natural surroundings of the community; providing space for people to reach their goals and dreams.

Accessible = resources in place to help people along their journey; room for everyone at the table; understanding historic trauma and other influences that are the root cause of lack, disease and unease.

Does this still seem like a good vision moving forward?

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* 3. What are three words you use to describe Klamath County as it is now?

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* 4. What are three words you use to describe the Klamath County of the future?

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* 5. What is the one word that is key to the Klamath County experience?

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* 6. Would you like to stay engaged with the assessment process? Please provide your email address or other point of contact. Thank you.