Nominate Bristol's most exciting young people for this year's list.

Welcome to the nomination page for our third annual '24 Most Influential Bristolians Under 24' list, Rife Magazine's way of celebrating the incredible talent in this city. We had sports stars, musicians, politicians, makers of robots and more. Check the first list out here and last year's here

This year, we're looking to you for nominations. We want to know who you think is the most influential Bristolian in Bristol. We're looking for entrepreneurs, artists, business owners, personalities, people who excel in their field. What I’m looking for is nominations. We’re not necessarily looking for local heroes, but key influencers, mavericks, stars of tomorrow. People like Maisie Williams, Ella Marshall, This Is DA, George Ezra. If you know of anyone who fits the criteria (listed below), it’d be great to hear from you. The plan is to release the list in mid November.

The criteria:

They have to exhibit:
they are influential and innovative people working across Bristol’s creative industries (art, design, film, music, literature, fashion, photography, digital etc) in the past 12 months
excelled in what they do
a degree of entreneurship
online profile
(you can nominate yourself. Nominations are made anonymously.)

You have till 3rd November to send us your nominations. 

* 1. Who are you nominating for the 2015 '24 Under 24' list?

* 2. Why are you nominating this person (or yourself)?

* 3. What has been their biggest achievement in the last 12 months?

* 4. What is their website/social media? (Add up to 5)

* 5. What is your name?

* 6. What is your email address?

* 7. Do you have a personal contact for the person you are nominating?