Welcome to the 2024 Exercise Industry Awards
We look forward to receiving your entry- make sure you put your best foot forward and complete all the sections.

  • Stage One entries include some information about you/your business, a couple of short answer questions and video(s).
  • Applications for all categories require payment for entry. ($30 for individual categories, $50 for all other categories)
  • REPs Registration is required for all categories involving Exercise Prescription and for all Facility Categories. If you are not yet registered you can enter but will be unable to progress to Stage 2 if you are not registered at the time of Stage 1 closing.
  • Please have your credit card handy to make payment of the entry fee, at the end of the form.
  • Finalist fees apply to all applications once finalists are announced, except the community contribution award finalists. All prices plus GST
    • $75 for individual categories
    • $300 for facilities
    • $200 for Studios
    • $100 for all others
  • If you are unsure of the category you are best to enter Click here to view the category information. NOTE: you can enter more than one category- you need to complete this form for each entry.
  • Only entries received via this form are considered
  • We suggest that you download the questions for your entry category (see below) and complete them offline, then transfer information onto the entry.
Click to view a document containing the questions asked of each entry category. You can use this to pre-write your answers before completing the entry form online.

To see the settings required for any videos you upload to YouTube click here

For all videos at stage 2 and beyond all entrants will be given a link to use to upload video files to a service called Dropbox - the files you upload are secure, and information will be available to ONLY ExerciseNZ Awards Team and the Judges. This will remove any issues where Youtube removes audio where there is copyright music in the background.