Local Business Impact Assessment - Damages

* 1. Name of the organization which you received this survey from:

* 2. Business Information

* 3. Type of Business (Check all that apply):

* 4. Number of employees at your company:

* 5. How long has your business been in operation in Fort Bend County?

* 6. What happened to your business during Hurricane Harvey and immediately afterward?  (Check all that apply)

* 8. Did you incur direct damages to any part of your business? This could include the structure/foundation, inventory/product, or equipment/office/assets.

* 9. Amount of direct damages in dollars (estimate). If you incurred no damages for a category, please enter "0"

* 10. Of the damages to your business, how are you financing recovery? (Please select all that apply)

* 11. After Hurricane Harvey and the following floods, what assistance do you need? (Select all that apply)

* 12. Of those that you just checked, what assistance do you expect to apply for that you need help with?

* 13. Do you have business insurance?

* 14. Does your business insurance cover flood losses:

* 16. How many of your employees have been displaced due to Hurricane Harvey?

* 17. Does your business insurance cover loss of income?

* 18. Have you been able to receive materials, supplies, and services adequately since Hurricane Harvey?

* 19. Did you plan to, or have you already, registered with FEMA for assistance and received a case number?

* 20. Are you planning to seek a Disaster Recovery Loan or Loan Deferment?

* 21. If yes, would you like contact information for any loan/grant programs?

* 22. Is your company interested in providing services/products to help with the recovery?

* 23. Are you aware that Fort Bend County's Office of Emergency Management provides alerts during a major crisis or emergency?

* 24. Are you aware that many of the cities provide an alert system during a major crisis or emergency?

* 25. Are you aware of Fort Bend Recovers, a collaborative network where you can find information on where to get help, volunteering for both organizations or individuals, and recovery efforts?

* 26. Are you aware of the Fort Bend Forward Harvey Recovery Fund which is raising funds to disburse to nonprofit organizations serving flood victims in our local community?

* 27. Please share any comments or concerns regarding Hurricane Harvey which you believe would be helpful:

* 28. May we contact you for further information if it is needed?

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