* 1. From Information provided by Volunteer Aberdeen did it assist in your volunteering search

* 2. Did you require further information or assistance?

* 3. How would you rate the information received from Volunteer Aberdeen

* 4. Did you have enough information on the organisations and opportunities that interested you?

* 5. Did you have enough choices of opportunities

* 6. Did you find the organisation(s) you contacted responded within:

* 7. Was the organisation helpful:

* 8. Have you started volunteering?

* 9. Are you under 25 years old?

* 10. Are you aware of the SALTIRE awards?

* 11. If yes, Have you registered for SALTIRE

* 12. If no, do you intend to start within the next:

* 13. Overall, how would you rate the Service you received from the Aberdeen Volunteer Centre

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