Please add your details below to be in with a chance of being picked to revamp your unloved room.

If you're selected, we'll be in touch by 13 May at the latest.

Thanks and good luck,

1. If you're selected to take part, you'll be sent a £300 B&Q giftcard to buy the things you'll need to revamp your unloved room. The room you choose to revamp needs to be a frequently used living space e.g. living room, dining room, spare bedroom, study etc. Please tick to indicate which room you'd revamp if you are selected. Please tick one option only.

2. And what would your room revamp involve? Please give details of what you'd do with the £300 B&Q giftcard. This doesn't have to be too detailed at this stage but we'd like to get an idea of the sorts of re-decorating tasks you'd complete as part of this challenge!

3. If you're selected to take part, who in your family will be doing the revamping? Please tick all that apply.

4. If you're selected to take part, you will receive your £300 giftcard on 14 May and will have until 3 June to complete your room revamp. Please can you confirm whether or not you will be able to meet that deadline?

5. If you're selected to take part, B&Q would like you to attend a "You Can Do It" class at a B&Q store. The classes are only available in selected stores though, so we need to establish whether you live anywhere nearby. Please click here for more info on where the stores are. Please tick the relevant box below to tell us whether you'd be willing to travel to any of the following stores to attend a class or not. The class would be free of charge. NB You don't have to be able to go to a class to be selected.

6. MNers who are selected to take part will be asked to take photos and/or video themselves, their family and the room (before, during and after shots) and send these to MN. The photos/video may appear on the B&Q pages on Mumsnet, be hosted on the MN YouTube channel and possibly appear elsewhere. Video testers will receive a £25 B&Q gift card when the revamp is over as a thank you for filming.

Please tick the relevant box(es) below to tell us which things you're willing to do.

NB: you won't be precluded if you don't want to do video but all participants will be asked to send in photoas.

7. If you're selected to do video footage, you'll need to have one of the following smartphones/tablets (these are the only ones that support the app we use for collecting photo and video footage). Please tick to indicate which (if any) of the following handsets/tablets you have. By confirming which one(s) you have, you're agreeing to filming you and your family taking part in the room revamp and downloading an app to upload the footage with. If you don't want to do this, please tick the appropriate box below.

8. Why would you like to take part in the B&Q unloved room revamp? Please share details about why your unloved room deserves to be revamped!

Now just a few questions about you and your family. All data will be kept confidential.

9. How old are you?

10. How many children do you have?

11. How old are all your children? Tick all that apply.

Thanks for taking the time to volunteer. If you are selected your name and address will be passed onto B&Q for them to send out the gift card. Your MN name will not be passed on. You will not receive any marketing as a result of this survey. If you are selected you will be contacted by MNHQ with more info.