* 1. Overall, how would you rate the enjoyment of using ARnocular?

* 2. Which of the following words would you use to describe Arnocular? Select all that apply.

* 3. Considering all factors, how willing are you in downloading ARnocular when you travel to a new city?

* 4. What is your smart phone model? (e.g. sony-xperiaz3. OR apple-iphone6)

* 5. What do you like the most about the app?

* 6. What do you like the least about the app?(considering the QR code is essential)

* 7. For each of the following product categories, please rate your satisfaction level with our app:

  Very Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very Satisfied
Overall Product
(Do you think our design looks clean and attractive?)
User Friendliness
(Can you launch and navigate the app independently?)
Content Quality
(Did those pop-up text, pictures, 3D models interest you?)
(Are GPS navigations accurate through out the tour?)
(Did you experience any technical imperfection such as shakiness, delayed, jagging etc? )

* 8. How does ARnocular’s AR application compare to tour bus companies’ current information channels (e.g. audio guide, printed pdf)? Please select an answer from the list below:

* 9. Please rate following sentences

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
This is my first time trying similar virtual reality or augmented reality application.
I understand how to operate this application immediately when I see this app.
The interface design is attractive.
I need instructions from tour bus staffs to use this app.
The old pictures of Toronto are interesting to see.
I am looking forward to seeing final version.

* 10. We’d love to hear your suggestions. Please add any other comments