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* 1. Do you approve the Wasatch Front Walk to Emmaus
Board Members and Terms Below?  (Terms expire in April)

Please Vote Yes or No for the Board Members and their Term in Office.

The window to vote expires July 2nd at 5pm.

Class of 2021:

Communications (Paul Guidash) – Responsible for Newsletters/Website and community Correspondence

Registrar (Gary Williams) – Responsible for registrations and applications for all walks

Gathering Coordinator (vacant) – Responsible for planning and managing community Gatherings (Has assistant)

Decorations (vacant) – Responsible for creating and placing decorations at all walks

Class of 2022:

Librarian (Tine Weibel) – Responsible for maintaining Emmaus manuals and materials

Trailer Angel (John Weibel) – Responsible for inventory and maintenance of Emmaus trailer

Database (Curtis Crichton) – Responsible for maintaining community contact information

Music Coordinator (vacant) – Responsible for coordinating music at gatherings and walks

Class of 2023:

Agape (Cheryl Brown) – Responsible for coordinating agape team and materials at walks

4th Day (Rob Garrison) – Responsible for managing 4th day groups and adding as needed

Tech Coordinator (Dennis Nick) – Responsible for all tech issues for gatherings and walks

Outreach Coordinator (Joe Umbriaco) – Responsible for coordinating community outreach to other churches

The Board Officer positions are appointed by the Board.  These include Spiritual Director, Community Lay Director, Vice Lay Director, Secretary & Treasurer.