BBQ Cookoff Registration

Hello and welcome to the 2023 BBQ Cook Off Registration page!

This year's event will be held on Saturday, November 4th from 1-5 pm; however, you may arrive at any time starting at 4 pm on Friday, November 3rd to set up. I will be there early to help facilitate set up.

This year we will set the cap for the number of teams at 15. Teams who have participated last year will get first dibs at registration; registration will then open to the rest of the community.

This year we welcome back the band Southern Crown on the soccer field closest to Eagle Springs Parkway. Bull ride, inflatables, games and more will also be featured at this event.

Turn in times for entries this year will be as follows:


Please read over the following rules and regulations for this event. By hitting the "accept" button at the end of the page, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth. Teams will be notified via email if any rules have changed.

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* 1. Rules and Regulations

1. All food entries must be fully prepared on site. You may NOT prepare your entries at home, and then show up right before judging to enter.

2. Every grill/smoker must have a fire extinguisher within 10 feet of it at all times. Wood, charcoal, or propane are acceptable forms of cooking fuel. All heat sources must be contained in a grill or smoker.

3. You may cook as many entries per category as you want, however you can only enter ONCE per category.

4. You can enter as many or as few categories as you want; however, in order to win the grand prize, you must enter in all categories.

5. The five categories of competition include: beef brisket, chicken, ribs (pork spare ribs only), dessert and an “other” category. The other category can be anything from fish to jalapeno poppers. Anything can be entered as long as it is cooked on site. Unconventional cooking methods are allowed.

6. NO GARNISH, NO SAUCE. This applies only to the chicken, ribs and brisket categories. All sauce must be cooked on. "Wet" meats will not be judged.

7. Please submit enough samples for seven judges to try. This includes seven slices of brisket, seven ribs,and a half chicken.

8. You will receive a Styrofoam box for each of your entries. We will be doing blind ticket labeling of the boxes; please be sure to save your ticket stubs! We have no way of knowing who is who....for a reason. :)

9. Entries MUST be in their Styrofoam containers at the judges table at the designated times. No late entries will be accepted.

10. You may show up to begin at any time, however all judging will start at 1:30 PM.

11. The decision is final.

12. The overall winning team will receive $250 given to the team captain.

13. All team captains must be in good standing with the homeowner's association.

14. Please note: music played at your booth must be kept at a volume so that other booths are not disturbed by the music. No microphones or megaphones will be permitted. Please be courteous to your neighbors!

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* 7. What catagories are you entering?

I will be in touch over the course of the next few weeks with details and updates. Thank you for registering!