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Southwest Airlines Material Specialists Management recently contacted us with a request to raise the entry-level wage to $20.00 per hour in DEN and MDW. Agreeing to this would create a second wage scale within the contract. Citing that, along with recently agreeing to raise the lower end of the pay scale, we suggested that they raise wages across the entire board, either through a Letter of Agreement or a contract extension that would be limited to wages only.

The Company has indicated that they are interested in a two-year contract extension and agreed that it will be for wages only, adding increases in 2024 and 2025.

By answering yes on this survey, you indicate that you would like your negotiating committee to begin meeting with the Company to negotiate a 2-year contract extension for wages only.

Any agreement reached by the committee for the wage increase and extension will be voted on by the members. The survey will open May 16th and close May 30th.

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* 2. Are you in favor of the union committee bargaining with the company for a two year extension of the CBA for wages only?

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