We would like to collect some data to help in improving our services. Please rate the following statements according to the following: Strongly agree, Agree, Neutral or not sure, Disagree, Strongly disagree, N/A= not applicable to me.

* 1. I am a parent/guardian of a student at the:

NOTE: If you have a child at more than one level please consider completing an additional survey to address counseling needs at that school.

* 2. I have a good understanding of the role of the school counselor.

* 3. Generally speaking, classroom guidance lessons have been beneficial to my child.

* 4. The school counseling program has been helpful to me as a parent.

* 5. The school counseling program has been helpful to my child/children.

* 6. I would feel comfortable talking with my child's school counselor about school issues and concerns.

* 7. My school counselor has been available to my child in a timely manner when they have had a question or problem.

* 8. What is the greatest strength of the counseling program?

* 9. Do you have any recommendations for improving the counseling program at Shaker Regional School District? If so, what are they?