1. Member Participation

Hello AAUW BC Members,
The following survey will help us in planning and in meeting your needs more precisely in the year to come. The first section: work on BC projects.  Working together on a project as a team makes the work more enjoyable and yes, even fulfilling.

Directions:  After the name of the Project, decide "to what degree" you would like to work on the project. An option for "another project inspires me more" is provided also (and hopefully there will be another one that does inspire).  Continue down the list of projects and select one or two. The choices include: 
Willing to take a leadership role 
Willing to take a portion of the project and "Make it Happen"
Willing to Assist 

(Optional) Look at the asterisks after the project.  Each asterisk breaks down the project into separate portions.  If you have a skill in any of the portions listed, write that skill in the comment box, please.  (Example only: Betty Sue selects the Tech Trek Project, and bubbles in "Willing to take a portion of the project and make it my own."  Then in the comment box, Betty Sue, a former corporate director writes, "Corporate sponsorship" because she has 20 years of experience requesting money from corporations.)

We hope that everyone will sign up for one project. Working together brings laughter, unity, and a special bond.  And if you are looking to live longer, according to "the Blue Zones" research, having a purpose greater than oneself can add 7 (yes, seven) extra years to your life.  

After asking the AAUW BC Board about having our general meetings on the 2nd Saturday of the month, I hope that like the Board, none of you will have a big problem with it either.  

Our meeting dates would be:
Dates for meeting the 2nd week of month:
September 16 (Tech Trek decides)
October 14
November 18 (due to 11/11 holiday)
December (Party)
January 13
February 10 (Presidents Day Feb 19)
March 10
April 14 (Passover and Easter week on April 1)
May (Luncheon)
June 9

Thank you
Kathy Ford & Dayla Sims
AAUW Beach Cities

* 1. Tech Trek (TT) Camp Scholarships: * Coordinate program/Accountable to State * School Coordinator * TT Treasurer * Maintain database of girls * Read essays & applications * Interview girls *Orientation *Celebration (September BC Meeting) * Fundraising - corporate sponsorhips, individual sponsorships * Organize the field trip to Space X or other location

* 2. College scholarships: * Update and distribute applications * Read completed applications * Fund raising * Accountability sheet for student

* 3. TTAG (Tech Trek Alumni Group) support: *Communicate meetings to AAUW branches *Attend TTAG Meetings 1X a Month * Coordinate with KBUG all TTAG events

OR  (only allowed 10 questions on "Survey Monkey" so combined these)

KBUG Mentoring Program: *Volunteer to work with a mentee *Plan a TTAG and KBUG outing with a small group or a large group  *Host one mentor meeting at your home *Light secretarial work

* 4. Beach Cities Genral Meetings: * Help set-up for meetings * Clean up after meeting * Organize hospitality for meetings

* 5. Promoting, Advertising and Public Relations: *Communicate to members about upcoming branch or member outings (Email blast or Newsletter)  *Advertise in local newspapers about all BC events and meetings

* 6. Authors' Luncheon: * Overall coordination of project * Coordinate with sponsoring book store to select authors & books as well a coordinate with authors at the luncheon * Research, select hotel, lunch menu * Promote and advertise the luncheon to maximize attendance * Lead and coordinate Silent Auction committee to obtain silent auction items and prepare them for display *Transport silent auction items to hotel and set up * Collect payment for luncheon and maintaininfo: guest list, menu selection, table requests * Coordinate the table requests and make sheet for "sign-in table" * Responsibility for luncheon program and any other flyers to be included * Arrange for student speaker * Centerpieces for tables * Collect payment for silent auction items * Write thank you notes to those donating silent auction items * Work at the sign-in table

* 7. Comedy Club: * Coordinate with Comedy Club for setting date *Communicate the number of tickets to be sold and the results *Collect payment from ticket buyers and mail them tickets      *Promote and advertise Comedy Club night to maximize attendance *Remind and monitor ticket buyers about calling the Comedy Club with ticket purchaser's name(s).   

* 8. New membership Activities: *Work with VP Membership to invite possible members to BC meetings/programs *Host a new member social activity *Set up and collect name tags prior to meetings

* 9. Book Jacket Event *Host the event * Write up the flyer * Assign the which members to read book and speak at event. (Speaking of books, let us know in the comment box, too, which book you (members) are reading and how you like it.

50% of survey complete.