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* 1. Multi-faceted Event Center and Event Planning Company, is looking for an assistant to handle catering events, food prep, baking, purchasing supplies & other various services. Part time hours (possible placement to Full-Time if desired).. Must be able to work Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays (usually afternoons through the evening), other days vary and may be flexible.  Office is based in American Fork, although some jobs are off-site (traveling with company van and crew). Training wage starts at $10/hr, then quickly moves up based on performance, speed, quick learning skills, and experience... we will offer raises based on what your skills/talents are worth. THERE ARE MANY OPPORTUNITIES TO GROW within our company to take on design/artistic jobs and management positions, "If" you are a hard worker, and a self-motivator willing to work your way up.  Wedding Dreamer, LLC & 5th East Hall, DBA, is a multi-fauceted business providing services in the wedding, event, and hospitality industries. 


* 2. Tell us about yourself:

* 3. Please tell us why you would be a good candidate for this job?

* 4. Rate your skills & abilities (although some may or may not be applicable to the job you are applying for):

  Excellent~Feel Confident Great~Need more training Good~Willing to Learn Fair~Needs Improvement Poor~Not a good idea
Catering Events
Food Service Industry
Eye for Details
General Cleaning
Heavy Lifting
Driving Record
Being On Time
100% Reliable
Social Skills/Personality
Customer Service
Employee Management

* 5. How many hours do you want on a regular basis?

* 6. What hours do you prefer or are available for work? (select all that apply)

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Early Mornings (5AM-9AM)
Mornings (8AM-NOON)
Early Afternoons (11AM-3PM)
Afternoons (2PM-6PM)
Evenings (5PM-9PM)
Late Evenings (9PM-1AM)

* 7. How long do you see yourself working for Wedding Dreamer?

* 8. How Soon can you start work?

**THANK YOU** For your participation.

Don't forget to e-mail your resume to: sales@weddingdreamer.com