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Members of the Austin Human Resource Management Association (dba Austin SHRM) agree to adhere to this Code of Ethics, recognizing that doing so will further Austin SHRM's mission of promoting professionalism, effectiveness, and understanding in the field of Human Resource Management. Austin SHRM members will adopt and maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and pledge to:

•      Endeavor to make one’s employer or client successful through encouraging and practicing effective Human Resource Management practices;

•      Support Austin SHRM's objectives for furthering the Human Resource Management profession; 

•      Be proactive and committed to lifelong learning, professional growth and development; 

•      Refrain from using membership in Austin SHRM to solicit business or secure special privileges for themselves, their employers, or clients;

•      Encourage one’s employer or client to make fair and equitable treatment of all employees a primary concern and facilitate the establishment of a representative and diverse workforce; 

•      Instill in employees and the general public a sense of confidence regarding the conduct and intentions of one’s employer or client;

•      Maintain loyalty to one’s employer or client and pursue their objectives in ways that are consistent with professional integrity;

•      Provide objective, informed human resource advice and counsel to one’s employer or client;

•      Practice tolerance and respect for others in the daily fulfillment of responsibilities;

•      Maintain the confidentiality of privileged information; and

•      Improve general awareness regarding the role and importance of human resource management's contributions to organizational success.
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That I received this day a copy of Austin SHRM's Code of Ethics and agree to faithfully abide by said code.

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