The MBI Foundation is pleased to introduce new two-, three-, or four-year scholarships for mechanical engineering students that demonstrate a continued understanding of how heating and air conditioning products and services and commercial modular construction affect one another.
Maury Tiernan has generously committed $30,000 towards the education of deserving students pursuing a mechanical engineering degree. Maury has a distinguished career as Bard Product Manager at Geary Pacific Supply and is a recognized leader in the commercial modular building industry. Maury is a past president of MBI, past chair of the MBI Educational foundation, recipient of the MBI Outstanding Achievement Award, and MBI Hall of Fame inductee. Maury has written dozens of articles and taught many MBI courses on the topic of heating and air conditioning as it relates to modular construction.

In 2022, Geary Pacific Supply announced it will make an annual $10,000 gift to the MBI Foundation to continue the scholarship indefinitely. Geary Pacific was founded by Patrick Geary in 1961.   


Applicants to any school may apply, though they should be pursuing an associate, bachelor's, or master's degree directly related to mechanical engineering. Students do not need to be enrolling in their first year of school.

Verification that students are pursuing a mechanical engineering degree is required, for example, by providing copies of college applications.  Applicants should demonstrate with a written essay their understanding of mechanical engineering and modular construction. This online application will be used to determine eligibility as well as select a winning student.

Ongoing Requirements

Year 1: An essay as described in the “Eligibility” section above.
Year 2: Participate in a tour given by an HVAC manufacturer or supplier of a modular building factory.
Year 3: Participate in a client meeting with a modular building dealer or contractor.
Year 4: Create a detailed HVAC plan for a modular building.

Please note: These annual requirements may be combined to meet the needs of students on a shorter schedule, for example those pursuing two- or three-year degrees.


Each winning student will receive up to $8000 in scholarships, divided into equal annual installments, and paid out per year over two, three, or four years upon successfully completing the “Ongoing Requirements” described above.


The MBI website at, the Geary Pacific website at, and the Bard Manufacturing website at all offer free and important information about heating and air conditioning products and services as well as modular buildings. Two articles on the MBI website by Maury Tiernan are particularly popular:

“What is Air Balance?” 
“The Function of HVAC Control Options”

Applications are due September 15.