BrainTrust S.A. Private Mastermind

* 1. Please Fill Out Your Contact Info:

* 2. Why did you become an entrepreneur?

* 3. In the box below can you share why you would be a good fit for our group? (Please feel free to be bold)...

* 4. What should we know about you and your business that will make it an obvious no-brainer for us to invite you to join this mastermind group.

* 5. In the past 12 months what was the gross revenue of your business? (If it's zero no worries and no shame...we ALL started from here) ---((ps: if you have more than 1 biz, give us the gross revenue of ALL of them combined))

* 6. General Ground Rules. Simply answer Yes or No....
You'll be able to make at least 10 of the 12 in person meetings a year. As of now our plan is one live meeting per calendar month.

You'll come to the meetings ready to share with everyone something you've accomplished or learned since the meeting prior.

You'll adhere to the following core values and pillars of the group:  INTEGRITY, TRUST and RESPECT and CONFIDENTIALITY of our group.

You'll be willing to set "stretch" goals at each meeting, work toward those goals and allow the group to keep you accountable.

Most important, you're going to take responsibility for your own success. We call it "carry your own bag". BrainTrust S.A. can provide you with an unlimited amount of cutting edge information, coaching and resources. But we can't make biz success happen for you. In the end, that's going to be up to you and the effort you put in.

* 7. Membership Fees. Simply answer Yes or No....
Do you understand that the cost of membership is $3,500 a year? (We offer a payment plan that allows you to spread payments over several months. Details will be provided if you are accepted into the group.)

If you are absolutely unable to attend a meeting then your membership will automatically be extended by no more than 2 meetings. In other words, you can miss up to TWO meetings in your annual membership. 

Membership includes a year of access to a private Facebook Group-- The Hustle DNA Mastermind, where you can connect with and send questions to Rick and other SME's as they are added or join and your fellow members between meetings. Membership also includes access to our "7 Figure Blueprint Online Coaching Course".

Can you give us here at HQ your word that this level of investment isn't going to cause you undue mental or financial stress? 

* 8. Who referred you this site? (If nobody please put your own name)

* 9. On a scale of 1-10, how serious are you in attaining your goals? If you're not a 10 then please re-read #2 above...get fired up...then re-look at this question. (If you still aren't a 10, please do not submit this)