We really need your help.  Because of some changes by our email provider, we need to validate contact information. 

If you could complete the short survey below it will help us stay in touch with you, including snow days!

Please complete one form per guardian and include only one email and the best phone number to reach you at.

This information is for the sole purpose of updating the school's database, your information will not be shared.

Thank you

* 1. First Name (guardian/parent)

* 2. Last Name (guardian/parent)

* 3. Tell us a little about yourself.  When entering phone number, please do not use parenthesis or dashes (just the number)

* 4. Please indicate your child(ren)'s first and last name in the appropriate and corresponding grade box/field. If you are a friend, faculty or staff members, please indicate in last box.

* 5. I have already completed this survey, but now I have updated some information.

* 6. Are you new to St. Michael School this fall?