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As your Senator, I represent all the people of the 31st legislative district. I need to know what is important to you. Liberals/progressives will control all levers of state government, and I am expecting pushes for more taxes and attacks on your Second Amendment rights. As we gear up for the 2018 legislative session, I want to understand what your priorities are.

* 1. What are your priorities? Please rank them below.

* 2. The state Supreme Court recently said that the Legislature's plan that was adopted in June will satisfy the McCleary order to fully fund basic education. However, they are not satisfied with the timing of the plan. It is the Legislature's job to appropriate funding not the state Supreme Court. While we can discuss additional education funding, I intend to fight for the separation of powers and the Legislature's authority to appropriate funds. Do you agree?

* 3. In a few words (5 or less), please tell me what other priorities I should focus on or issues you are concerned about. If you'd like to provide additional comments not covered in this survey, please contact my office via a separate email.