1. Introduction

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NAICU Access and Success/Building Blocks to 2020 Survey

Data indicates that independent colleges and universities have contributed a disproportionately greater share of postsecondary graduates with degrees relative to the share of postsecondary students the sector enrolls. Policymakers are interested in the stories behind our graduation success, particularly with underserved populations. In addition, they would like to understand the ways in which we plan to continually work to achieve even higher standards of student success going forward. The interest in this information has become even more pronounced since President Obama set a goal for higher education that challenges institutions to provide the means for America to achieve the world’s highest proportion of college graduates by the year 2020.

With this in mind, we want to learn more about any current and/or planned efforts that increase the enrollment of underserved students on your campus and that support successful degree attainment. By compiling such information, NAICU can demonstrate to policymakers and public stakeholders that independent institutions have long been contributing to undergraduate degree attainment, continue to be leading innovators in student success program development and implementation, and can be seen as a critical sector and partner in reaching the 2020 goal. NAICU will spotlight unique and innovative work of institutions in this area.

This survey is an opportunity to publicize your institution’s efforts and ideas in access, retention, and completion.

NOTE: Institutions with several innovative programs can complete this survey more than once by resubmitting a new survey using the survey's link found at the end of the survey. Please do not submit more than one program in a single survey response.

It is recommended that the survey be completed on-line.

Alternatively, please print this survey, and fax the completed survey responses to (202) 835-0003, subject “Access and Persistence Survey,” or mail to NAICU, 1025 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20036-5405

This survey remains open indefinitely.

If there are any questions, please contact Wendy Weiler (wendy@naicu.edu) or call (202) 785-8866.