2022 Professional Learning Tour: October 6th - 10th in Panama
Join us for a 5-day professional learning experience focused on building and enhancing Global Competency in your district. As a part of this professional learning experience, you will build your knowledge of global competence, gain a deeper understanding of the skills that today's students will need to be successful in tomorrow's world (and why), as well as expand your professional network. You’ll join administrators from around the United States, Panamanian industry experts as well as Dana Mortenson, CEO and Co-Founder of World Savvy, and staff from EF Education First to get a taste of hands-on learning and immersive cultural experiences.

Who should attend: Superintendents and/or Assistant/Deputy Superintendents interested in building Global Competency in their district

Participants can expect to:
1. Expand your network of globally-minded administrators from around the country (including Michigan, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, Colorado, Georgia, Florida and more)
2. Increase your own global competence and understanding of necessary skills for future readiness
3. Bring your learnings back to your district in order to support and/or implement a plan to build/enhance global competency, including providing travel-based learning opportunities for your students

Learning opportunities will include:
- Visit the Smithsonian Research Station and take part in hands-on learning activities
- Explore Casco Viejo to learn about the history and cultural impact (historic district of Panama City)
- Participate in a workshop led by EF partner, WorldSavvy, focused on developing global competence
- Discover Lake Gatun with a biologist
- Learn about the history of the Panama Canal and experience the Miraflores Locks first-hand
- Participate in small group activities with educational leaders from the United States
- Visit a woman-owned and operated pineapple plantation and understand the economic impact this crop has on the country

What's Included: Full-time Tour Director, collaborative workshops with leaders in education, sightseeing tours, comfortable motor coaches, transfers to & from the Panama Airport, round-trip flights, 4 overnight stays in hotels, daily breakfasts, 3 dinners. 

Participants are responsible for: any activities during free time; customary gratuities for your Tour Director and bus driver; meals not listed above as included. 

Limited spots are available. All travelers must be full vaccinated to travel and be willing to adhere to COVID-19 protocols. 

Questions? Contact Michele Ahouse <michele.ahouse@ef.com>

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COSTS NOT INCLUDED: The following costs are not included in the tour price and are the sole responsibility of the participant: 1. Applicable visa and passport fees 2. Lunches and beverages 3. Customary gratuities for your tour director ($6/person/day), bus driver ($3/person/day), and local guides ($2/person/guide) 4. Public transportation and/or taxis to/from free time activities 5. Incidental costs incurred at hotels 6. Optional supplemental fees such as rooming upgrades 7. Other discretionary on-tour expenses.

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1. Administrators who are active members of their state administrators organization and their district teams are eligible to attend.
2. Obtaining all necessary travel documents, including passports and visas, is the sole responsibility of the participant. For a list of current fees and processing times, visit travel.state.gov.
3. Cancellations: All cancellations must be made by June 1st to receive a full refund. Cancellation after that day will be subject to standard Professional Learning Cancellation terms.
4. You must return your signed Enrollment Form/Release & Agreement/Booking Conditions within 14 days of receiving them in order to travel. 
5.  EF will have the right to photograph the participants and use their names, pictures, likenesses, schools' names and cities and states of residence in advertising for no compensation.

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