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Yesterday we delivered our 100 day report card to the White House. As we look back to the one we delivered to George Bush, we can say there has been some improvement but mostly in tone and getting along with others. We are distressed to note that in the subject of Peace, we can’t even give him a passing grade. We must say there is great room for improvement here. What grade would you give Obama? And what grade would you give yourself?

As we rate Obama, let’s also take the time to rate ourselves. Are we doing enough as a peace community to get our message to Obama? Are we finding ways to make our passionate desire for change loud and clear? Let us know not just what Obama can do to further peace, but what we as a peace community can do to get our voices heard.

Fill out the survey below and think about what you are going to do over the next 100 days to improve Obama's marks and your own?

* 1. Ending the War in Iraq


The war in Iraq is not over. Since Obama has taken office, an additional 36 US troops and over 800 Iraqis have died, and the United States government continues to spend $720 million per day on the occupation. In addition, the United States has over 160,000 contractors and 283 military bases in Iraq.

Obama Promised: To withdraw troops from Iraq at the rate of one to two brigades per month, removing all combat troops within 16 months.

First 100 Days:
• Obama moved the date back to August 2010 for a 19-month withdrawal of combat troops.
• Obama announced plans to leave behind 35,000 to 50,000 troops until the end of 2011.

WE CALL FOR the speedy withdrawal of US troops according to the 16-month timeline, including the withdrawal of all military contractors, and no permanent bases left behind.

What grade do you give Obama? Why?

* 2. Shut Down Guantanamo


Keeping Bagram open is the same thing. At Bagram, prisoners have faced indefinite detainment, denial of Prisoner of War status, and - some reports indicate - torture. While we are enthusiastic about Obama’s commitment to close Guantanamo, he must ensure that the United States will not create other “Gitmos” elsewhere.

Obama Promised: To close Guantanamo Bay and fight the struggle against terrorism "in a manner that is consistent with our values and our ideals."

First 100 Days:
• In his first days in office, President Obama signed an Executive Order to Close Guantanamo within one year.
• Obama expanded funding for the Bagram prison in Afghanistan, which will allow it to hold five times as many prisoners as Guantanamo.

WE CALL FOR the closure of Guantanamo Bay within one year, the right of detainees to habeas corpus, and no more Gitmos!

What grade do you give Obama? Why?

* 3. Reject Military Commissions Act


The Military Commissions Act gives the President absolute authority to determine who is an enemy, and detain them indefinitely without charges. We give Obama an Incomplete because it is not clear what will happen at the end of the 120-day review.

Obama Promised: To reject the Military Commissions Act.

First 100 Days:
• In his first days as President, Obama moved swiftly to “halt all proceedings” in the US Military Commissions for 120 days for review.

WE CALL FOR an end to the Military Commissions Act, and the restoration of habeas corpus, giving prisoners the ability to challenge their detainment in court.

What grade do you give Obama? Why?

* 4. Stop Torture


Obama’s executive order to end torture was an important step, but some have questioned a potential loophole, which – in the future – could allow the CIA to have different directives than the Army Field Manual. Also, while continuing to release information about the torture of detainees, Obama has said he will not prosecute those who tortured. After criticism and pressure from groups like the American Civil Liberties Union and the Center for Constitutional Rights, Obama has revised his position saying the attorney general may pursue charges against those who formulated the legal decisions. There must be accountability on this TORTURE to move this grade up.

Obama Promised: “We do not torture, period.”

First 100 Days:
• In his first days, Obama revoked authorizations provided by Bush torture memos.
• In February, Obama released 1,000 pages of documents providing new details on the Bush Administration’s treatment of prisoners in the “War on Terror” which revealed two men were water boarded a total of 266 times.

WE CALL FOR the appointment of a Special Prosecutor to fully investigate the role of former Bush Administration officials in authorizing torture.

What grade do you give Obama? Why?

* 5. Work to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons


It has been a lot of good talk and not a lot of action. He needs to call for nuclear disarmament.

Obama Promised: “America seeks a world in which there are no nuclear weapons.

First 100 Days:
• In President Obama's first meeting with Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, both parties agreed to fast-track negotiations to slash their nuclear stockpiles by about a third from the end of this year.
• In his speech in Prague, Obama promised to reduce our nuclear weapons warheads and stockpiles, work for a global ban on nuclear testing, international effort to secure vulnerable nuclear weapons and material around the world.

What grade do you give Obama? Why?

* 6. Diplomacy with Iran


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has sent mixed signals to Iran. She said the US is more than willing to reach out to Iran. But before even sitting down to talk to Iran, Clinton warned Iran of severe sanctions if they don't halt their nuclear program. You can’t have diplomacy with a gun to their head. Needs to study Diplomacy more.

Obama Promised: Hold direct, unconditional talks with Iran.

First 100 Days:
• Obama reached out directly to the people of Iran with a Norouz (Iranian New Year) TV message.
• Obama renewed sanctions on Iran for another year without even sitting down with Iranian leaders.
• Neither Obama, Clinton, nor Ross have talked to Iranian officials directly.

WE CALL FOR President Obama and Secretary Clinton to hold direct, unconditional talks with Iran, as promised. No preconditions, period.

What grade do you give Obama? Why?

* 7. Abide the Senate-Approved Treaties


Although Obama has not broken this promise, we are disappointed in his decision to boycott the United Nations conference on racism this month. In addition, we call on the United States Senate to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.

Obama Promised: Abide by Senate-Approved Treaties

What grade do you give Obama? Why?

* 8. Afghanistan


Even Obama’s own advisors say there is no military solution in Afghanistan and the war “cannot be won in the battlefield.” Military think tanks agree that political, local law enforcement, and peacekeeping solutions are more effective alternatives. In addition, Americans do not want, nor can they afford, another war without end. A recent USA Today/Gallup Poll found that 42 percent of Americans felt the Afghanistan war was “a mistake.” A recent study shows our military presence creates more violence in Afghanistan.

First 100 Days:
• Obama ordered 17,000 additional troops to Afghanistan.
• In late March, he added an additional 4,000 to that number.

WE CALL FOR a reallocation of war funds into the needs of the American people: health care, education and infrastructure, a rapid withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Afghanistan, the closing of bases, and tireless diplomatic engagement with Afghan and Pakistan governments.

What grade do you give Obama? Why?

* 9. What are YOU going to do to help raise Obama's marks?

* 10. What have you done since January 20th? What would you give yourself as a peace activist?

* 11. Please tell us about where you live.