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* 1. What current concerns do you have with the Fly Ash situation?

* 2. What are your immediate needs in relation to the site (drinking water, wanting water tested, ...)?
And, if applicable, what is your understanding of when you will get (if you will get) connected to public water?

* 3. Were you part of the class action law suit?

* 4. Are you able to help Crofton First with this issue (contact your neighbors, sign a petition, attend meetings, go door to door)?

* 5. What has been your biggest obstacle with the fly ash situation?

* 6. Did you attend the May 13th meeting held with MDE at Waugh Chapel?

* 7. If you answered Yes to question 6, then does Crofton First have your permission to share your information from the May 13th sign-in sheet with MDE?

* 8. Please provide us with your contact information, just so we know how successful using an online survey is. Thank you.