Thank you for sharing your feedback and advice with us, it is most appreciate. Here are some quick questions that should take not take you more than five minutes to complete...

* 1. What is it about eBooks you like?

  Important to me Not important Not thought about it
Fast, can read immediately
Lower price than print books
Searchable, good for research
Easier to share with others
Portable, can carry eBooks with me

* 2. How many IT related eBooks have you bought in the last 12 months?

* 3. How many IT related PRINT/PAPER books have you bought in the last 12 months?

* 4. Have you bought mainly Packt Open Source or Packt Enterprise books and/or eBooks?

* 5. What is your preferred format for eBooks?

* 6. Which eBook formats are you familiar with?

  Used it Heard of it Don't know it
Adobe eBooks
Amazon Kindle

* 7. Where would you expect to buy IT related eBooks?

  Most likely Maybe Never
Direct from Publishers
Direct from Google, if they did it
From Amazon
Apple's iBookstore
From a specialist eBook store

* 8. What device do you read your eBooks on?

  Do it now Would like to/Plan To No Way
Desktop at Work
Cell/Mobile Phone
Dedicated eBook Reader
Print out on Paper

* 9. What do you think about each of these features of Packt eBooks?

  It's good, keep this feature Don't really care No, definitely change this
Can download the eBook again anytime from your account
Print/eBook Bundle pricing
Your name and address is on each page
Can print the book out
You offer PDF and ePub downloads
Can copy and paste

* 10. Do you use, or have you heard of any Online Book Libraries?

  Use it Heard about it Never heard of it
Safari Books online
Books 24x7

* 11. How interesting would each of these eBook services be to you if we offered them at

  Very interesting Might be interesting Rubbish idea No feelings about it
By the chapter, PDF, $5 each
eBook rental, download and use a time controlled eBook for 48 hours for $5
Pay say $10 extra for each eBook for a 5 user licence and no password protection
Online library, pay $199 per year and read all Packt books online
eBook Club, pay $75 and download 10 eBooks when you need them

* 12. And finally, what's important to you when buying online?