Thank you for submitting a nomination for the 2022 Idaho Women Lawyers Gala. To ensure a fair and equitable award selection process, please note the following guidelines apply.

1.      After submitting a nomination, IWL will seek the following directly from the nominee: (1) two letters of recommendation; (2) a current resume; and (3) additional information the nominee would like the IWL Board to consider. You may reach out to the nominee to inform them of the nomination and may assist the nominee in compiling letters of recommendation. You may also keep your nomination anonymous to the nominee.

2.      You may nominate a nominee for only one award category, unless submitting a nomination for the Kate Feltham award, in which case you may nominate the nominee for one additional award category.

3.      You must submit a new nomination for each individual you intend to nominate.

4.      In order to promote continued mentorship to Idaho’s many women lawyers, once an individual receives the Kate Feltham award, they are no longer eligible to receive any other IWL Gala award. Past Kate Feltham award winners are Wendy Olson (2013); Trudy Fouser (2014); Deborah Ferguson (2015); Nicole Hancock (2017); and Laura Burri (2019).

5.      Any past recipient of an IWL Gala award, other than the Kate Feltham award, is eligible to receive another IWL Gala award. However, no individual or entity is eligible to receive any IWL Gala award at consecutive Galas and no individual or entity is eligible to receive the same award more than once. For a complete list of past award winners, please visit our website.