* 1. Have you participated in any summer seminars, weekend seminars/conferences, internship programs, or other extensive educational programming at the following organizations? (Please check all that apply)

* 2. For each organization you checked, what program(s) did you participate in or attend?

* 3. Do you subscribe to any of the following:

* 4. Are you interested in connecting with FEE alumni on any of the following social networks? (Please check all that apply)

* 5. How often do you access the following FEE communications?

  Weekly Monthly Quarterly Yearly Never
FEE Facebook Page
FAN Facebook Page
FEE E-mail communications
FEE Twitter
FEE LinkedIn

* 6. When considering reasons to be active with FEE's alumni network, which of the following are most valuable to you?

  Very Valuable Somewhat Valuable Not Valuable
To find and register for events
To look up fellow alumni or search for alumni career contacts
To read about FEE related news
To find job and internship postings
To read about FEE faculty and staff
To read articles about free market economics and libertarian principles

* 7. Demographic Information:

* 8. Comments or Questions: