Unofficial Mumsnet toy shop review - sofa surfers edition

The aim of this survey is to collect comparable information about the extent to which different toy retailers divide their toys into categories for boys and girls.

The questions here about the catalogue and/or website. There is a separate survey about the in-store display.

Feel free to write any notable examples and observations (good or bad) in the comment boxes, and take photos/screenshots if you want.


* 2. The following questions are about the paper catalogue. Which of the following statements best matches your opinion about whether how the toy pages are presented? (tick only one)

* 3. If you said there are boys/girls pages in the question above, how can you tell? (tick as as many as apply)

* 4. The following questions are about the store's website. Is it organised into 'girls' and 'boys' toys?

* 5. If you can, do the following four searches/explore the following four categories and note down how many product choices the website offers

* 6. What is your MN nickname?

* 7. Any other comments? You can also post links here.