1. Don't Miss a Beat Hands-Only CPR - Past Participant Survey


As a past participant of the "Don't Miss a Beat" program, we ask you to take a few minutes to complete a brief survey to help us track our effectiveness in promoting "hands-only" CPR training over time. We appreciate your time in taking this life-saving training and keeping us informed of how you have used your training over time.

* 1. Since you completed your "Don't Miss a Beat" "hands-only" CPR training, have you had a chance to use these lifesaving skills?

* 2. If you have used any of the skills learned at the "Don't Miss a Beat" program, which skills did you use? (Check ALL that apply)

* 3. Have you used your kit at home to refresh your own training?

* 4. Have you shared your kit with someone else so they can learn "hands-only" CPR?

* 5. If you have shared your kit with someone else, who did you share your kit with?

* 6. Have you recommended this training to someone else?