21things4kids K-5 - Teacher Interest & Application

We invite you to indicate your interest in participating in the development of this project, by piloting the K-5 project lessons, providing feedback, contributing ideas for additional lessons and resources. 

NOTE: We will NOT be sharing your personal registration information with any third parties.

* 1. Please share your information for demographics

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* 3. If you have been using the 21things4students resources in your classroom, for how many years?

* 4. What grade levels do you teach or work with?

* 5. Approximately how many students in grades K-5 do you expect to use the 21things4kids with during the next school year? ***Please provide one number as your approximate number, not a range. Thanks.

* 6. I teach with: (check as many as apply)

* 7. Which of the following do you use with your classroom?

* 8. I would be interested in participating in the following ways

* 9. I have the following specialities and interests that will make my contributions helpful 

Please click below on Done to submit your  information. Thank you for your interest in participating in 21Things4kids project.