1. About WNYLRC Standing Committee Nomination Process

Deadline for submitting the WNYLRC Standing Committee Nomination Form 2021/2022 is Friday, March 19, 2021. Committee nominees must be an employee of a WNYLRC member library, library system, or institution and remain one throughout their committee term.

Committee appointments are determined by the WNYLRC Board of Trustees Executive Committee and are announced in the spring. Patron membership categories are eligible to officially participate on standing committees. They include: personal members, student members, and representatives from organizational members (DLIS and LCHIB). There is a limit of one Patron representative per committee.

Please note the following:

  • The committee year runs from July 1 through June 30
  • Appointed committee members serve a full 3-year term with a limit of two consecutive full terms.
  • Member staff wishing to participate on a committee starting July 1, 2021 must complete this form.
  • If you are currently on a committee and your first term is expiring June 30, 2021, you need to complete this form if you wish to continue to serve on the same committee.
  • If you want to serve on an additional committee you also must complete this form.
  • If you have completed two terms on a committee, but wish to continue, you will need to take a year off. However, you are eligible to serve on any other committee with available openings.
  • Care is given to balance the committee by both library type and geographic area. For more information, please review the current WNYLRC Standing Committee Guidelines at www.wnylrc.org/committees.
Why should you participate? WNYLRC committee participation offers many benefits to the individual and the individual’s institution including networking, professional visibility, career enhancement, leadership development, regional influence, and partnership opportunities. Committee contributions to regional projects and activities are vitally important to WNYLRC’s growth and its future.

Each new committee member will receive an orientation which will include a meeting with the chair of the committee and/or WNYLRC liaison.

The following standing committees have specific openings. For a complete list of committee charges and information on their recent activities, click here.
  1. Committee for Health Information Access
  2. Continuing Education Committee
  3. High School to College Continuum Committee
  4. Preservation Committee
  5. Regional Advisory Committee
  6. Resource Sharing Committee
  7. WNY Library Assistants Committee