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SECTION A: Presenter information
SECTION B: Workshop information
Thank you for your interest in becoming a presenter in the GERRIC Student Programs. Please note the following prior to filling in this application:
  • GERRIC Student Programs are held for three days in January and July each year. Presenters teach a course in an area of interest/expertise/passion that runs for the full three days, 8:45am – 3:30pm.
  • Class sizes are between 12-30 students.*In 2021 due to COVID, upper limit will be 18-20.  You work with the same group of students across all three days.

Choose a topic that suits this schedule and think of varied activities that will hold students’ interest.  We expect presenters to teach to an area of their individual passion and to develop their own lesson plans.

• Please think about what age level you would most like to teach prior to writing up your proposal. At the Junior Scientia level, student cohorts are broken into two-year segments (Years 3-4 and Years 5-6). At the Scientia Challenge level, student cohorts are Years 7-8 and Years 9-10. 

Curriculum should be pitched at approximately two years above grade level for all workshops.

• All applicants must satisfy a Working with Children Check.

• In general, we require that teachers of Junior Scientia workshops be teachers with training or experience in gifted education. Teachers of Scientia Challenge workshops may be teachers, UNSW academics or PhD students who are comfortable working with secondary students. If you are not sure if you qualify, please email with your query.

• We need a commitment from you that you will be available to run the workshop if we get enough registrations for you to do so. We will usually know whether your workshop will run 4-6 weeks prior to the workshop dates. In 2021 due to COVID and the uncertainty of campus-based events, this window will be reduced. If your availability changes, please let us know ASAP.

• GERRIC is required to document specific details about workshops to comply with mandatory UNSW requirements (eg: Risk Assessments and OH&S). This will also assist GERRIC with enquiries from teachers and parents, marketing, administrative improvements and more.

• Presenters are paid for their teaching hours at UNSW Casual Academic Rate for Tutorial Rpt. Check here for current rates:

 Any questions? Call 9385 1972 or email

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Please give a short description of your qualifications, work experience, experience in Gifted Education and any relevant achievements.

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* 3. Please also attach a current CV. 

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* 4. What is your availability for July 2021?

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Please provide the names of at least two referees who can speak to your teaching ability, reliability, suitability to work with gifted children, and appropriateness for this position:

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