Tell Us About Montgomery County...

It’s an exciting time in Montgomery County as we begin the process of creating a new comprehensive plan. This important plan will guide overall growth and development in the county, focusing on how the county could look in 2040. The most crucial part of this process is YOU! We’d like to know what you think about issues such as traffic and transit, housing, open space, parks and recreation, economic development, arts and culture, and environmental quality. By completing this survey, you directly help guide the plan and contribute to the future of Montgomery County! For additional information, contact Brian O'Leary at the Montgomery County Planning Commission 610-278-3728 or Thank you.

Question Title

* 2. Please rate the following aspects of your quality of life in Montgomery County:

  Excellent Good
Fair Poor N/A
Montgomery County as a place to live
Montgomery County as a place to work
Montgomery County as a place to raise a family
Montgomery County as a place to grow old

Question Title

* 3. Please rate the following as they relate to Montgomery County overall:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor N/A
Quality of your neighborhood character
Arts and cultural opportunities
Variety of recreational choices
Job or business opportunities
Ease of car travel
Bus and rail station access
Bicycling facilities (i.e., trails and bike lanes)
Pedestrian safety and walkability
Access to healthy food
Services for seniors
Learning/training facilities and opportunities
Primary (K-12) school quality
Quality of natural environment, air, and water
Availability of shopping choices
Services received in return for taxes paid

Question Title

* 4. In the last year, have you taken part in any of the following activities in the county?

  Yes No
Used a public library
Used a trail or park
Visited a historic site
Attended an event, fair, or farmers' market
Attended a theater performance or other cultural event
Used public transit
Attended a township or borough meeting
Visited the Montgomery County Website
Visited the county planning commission Website