The Adirondack/Glens Falls Transportation Council (A/GFTC) is made up of local elected officials, planners, municipal staff, and representatives from state and federal transportation agencies. Every 5 years, we update our Long Range Plan, to set goals and priorities for the transportation system in Warren, Washington, and northern Saratoga County region. To learn more about A/GFTC, visit our website at
This survey should take you about 5 minutes to complete. We want to know about how you get from place to place, the transportation problems that affect you, and what priorities you think are most important for the transportation system. We also would like to know a little about you, so that we can be sure we're hearing from a wide variety of people. This survey is completely anonymous and all responses will be aggregated. Please be sure to click "DONE" when you finish the survey. Thank you for your time! 

1. Please tell us about why you travel to/from or within the A/GFTC area. Select all that apply.

2. What is your main method of transportation?

3. Please rank the following transportation considerations from most to least important. You may drag and drop to reorder, or use the arrows to assign a rank.

4. In your daily life, what is the biggest transportation problem you face? Select only one.

5. Please tell us the 5-digit zip code where you live. 

6. On an average weekday, how many miles do you drive?

7. Please list up to three communities where you travel most often. This could be where you work, go to school, or go shopping. Please list the name of a town, village, or city, (i.e. Glens Falls) not the name of a specific business or destination.

8. Would any of the following options be likely to reduce the amount that you drive? Select all that apply.

9. What new or emerging transportation technology are you interested in? Select all that apply.

10. What is your approximate average household income?

11. What is your age?