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The NEED Project recognizes student leadership by awarding the Youth Energy Leadership Award each year to up to two students who have demonstrated outstanding energy leadership, knowledge, and an interest in continuing their energy studies for the purpose of seeking a career in energy, STEM, or education. Each year, at least one award will be given to a student who plans to enter the energy field or public service related to energy. Select award winners will receive a $1,500 check for use for college, university or technical school tuition and expenses.


This award is designed to honor students demonstrating effective leadership skills and energy knowledge throughout their association with NEED.

The following are examples of traits the award committee will consider as it chooses recipients of the awards:
  • An effective leader who leads by example and is well respected by his or her peers.
  • An encouraging facilitator who serves as a team leader.
  • A leader who creates excitement and motivates others to accomplish great things.
  • A leader who demonstrates energy awareness at home, school and in the community and educates others about energy.
  • A student who is knowledgeable about energy and has taken the time to not only be a leader of energy activities but has developed a knowledge base about energy and important energy issues.
  • Graduating high school seniors or current first or second year college, university, or technical school students.
  • A student showing interest in pursuing a career in the energy or education field.

Candidates must be:

1.    Graduating high school seniors with plans to attend college or technical school -or- 
2.    Currently enrolled first, second or third year college/university/technical school students

Candidates must be actively involved in NEED activities – workshops, Youth Energy Conference & Awards, and NEED classroom programs are just a few examples. 

Candidates must actively participate in NEED programs in the classroom, and when possible, with NEED state and national programs.
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