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If you had a million dollars to help your community, how would you spend it?

The City of Everett’s Community Development Division is conducting outreach to receive input on the needs of Everett residents, employees, and visitors to guide our five-year spending plan called the “Consolidated Plan”.

Needs could be based on services (such as childcare), public facilities (such as a community center or food bank), neighborhood improvements (such as sidewalks or park improvements), or housing.

Your participation in this survey will help us capture the needs and desires of our community. Your responses are anonymous and optional.

Para realizar la encuesta en español, haga clic aquí;

If you have questions about the 2025 – 2029 Consolidated Plan or would like to share a link to this survey, please visit us at
Basic Information (Optional)

These questions are optional to answer but help us gather information that is necessary to meet federal funding requirements. 

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* How did you hear about this survey? Please choose all that apply.

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* What is your connection to Everett?

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* Which age group do you represent?

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* What race(s) best describe you?

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* Do you identify as Hispanic?

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* Our federal funding must benefit low-income residents in our community and it’s important we receive input from those households. Using the chart below, please let us know if your total household income falls under the amount listed for the household size that applies to you. 2023 80% AMI Threshold for Snohomish County

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