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Thank you for your interest in applying or nominating and educator for the NEED Bob Thompson Excellence in Energy Education Award!

Bob Thompson was a dedicated teacher, friend, and proponent of science and energy education. His time at NEED enriched many, encouraged all, and improved the way we present and teach about energy in our curriculum and training workshops. Bob was a good friend to many here at NEED and he and his spirit live on in our work. Because of this, NEED has established the Bob Thompson Excellence in Energy Award that will be given each year to a teacher who exemplifies Bob’s childlike wonder of science and energy.

The award includes a $1,000 check to the teacher to use as he/she/they choose in the classroom and an all-expenses paid trip to NEED's annual National Energy Conference for Educators in July.
Candidates must be:

  • Currently teaching (and will in the next school year) PreK-12 STEM educator.
  • Engaged in the teaching of energy in the school and/or local community.
  • Dedicated to the idea that a Kids Teaching Kids approach to education is valuable and showcases this dedication with stu dents.
  • An energy nerd – believing that energy is fun, cool, and a unifying theme in science.
  • Fun and possess an inquisitive mind, playful spirit, and desire for life-long learning.