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A qualifying score and additional fees are required to participate. For Gold it is a percentage of a percentage (determined at State). Each session at Regionals for Gold is limited is limited to 75 athletes.

Platinum: 35.00 AA at State
Diamond: 34.00 AA at State
Sapphire: 34.00 AA at State
Each session at Regionals for Platinum, Diamond and Sapphire is limited is limited to 64 athletes.
Please visit:

Friday, April 19 – Xcel Gold
Saturday, April 20 – Xcel Platinum
Sunday, April 21 – Xcel Diamond and Sapphire

Idaho Central Arena in Boise

Please let us know if your gymnast will be attending Regionals. (If qualifying scores are reached)

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* 3. Will your gymnast be attending XCEL Regionals? (Qualifying scores and additional fees required)

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