The 2024 Minnesota Fringe Festival runs August 1-11. Shows will be produced live and in-person at one of our 9 venues or by independent producers throughout the city in a variety of locations. Many of them are looking to cast performers, and that's where you come in!

If you are interested in being contacted by a Fringe producer for a role in a show, please fill out the following form. Not all questions are required, and while it is not required to submit resume/headshot/video, a more complete submission is more likely to catch the eye of a producer.

If you plan to fill in the full submission, please make sure you have your video, headshot, and resume links at the ready before you fill out the form:

HEADSHOT AND RESUME LINK(S): You will need to upload your documents to a hosting platform like Dropbox or Google Drive. Please make sure your document is able to be read by anyone who has the link and allowing outsiders to view the files. If producers click on your link and get a message saying they must ask for permission to see it, they may still reach out to do so, but it is one more barrier for them to get through on their way to casting you.

PRO TIP: You can also put the text of your resume in the description box of your YouTube or Vimeo. One less document for a producer to open!

VIDEO LINK: If you would like to submit a video audition--and we highly suggest you do--you'll want to film it and upload it to a YouTube or Vimeo channel and submit the link in the appropriate field on this form. Make sure the video is either public or open to view by anyone who has the link (this is the "unlisted" option on YouTube). Your audition can be anything you'd like--a monologue, a dance, a comedy routine, a magic trick--there are no parameters and no time limit, but we do have suggestions....

1. At the beginning of the video, state your name and what you will be performing. This way if you are doing a monologue and a dance, for example, a producer who is only looking for dance will know to skip ahead.
2. It's best to keep your pieces short; most producers will tune out after 2 minutes.
3. If you are performing a dance or song backed with pre-recorded music, make sure the music is original or royalty-free and not from a copyrighted source. Many copyrighted songs have an electronic signature that YouTube and Vimeo can detect and they may pull your video down due to copyright violation. Remember that even classical music is copyrighted by the orchestra/bands who recorded them.
4. Put your FULL NAME and "2024 MN Fringe Audition" in the text title of the video.

Now, if you're ready to head into the form, let's go! Thank you for attending the 2024 Minnesota Fringe Virtual Unified Auditions!

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Many of you will repeat your name in this section if you are your own contact.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR YOUTH (18 and under) AUDITIONEES: If you are the contact for someone other than the performer, please list the name of your youth performer in "Performer FULL NAME" and use your own information for all other "contact" fields. If you would like to list your relationship to the performer, you may do so in the final field of this section. Thank you.

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You may list other forms of communication, times of day you want to restrict contact, or your relationship to your youth performer here.

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* 3. Please tell us about some of your general skills (check all that apply)

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* 4. Are you 17 years old or younger?

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* 5. Do you identify as a performer of color?

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* 6. What is your gender identification?

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* 7. What are your pronouns?

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* 8. Is there any forefront information that is not on your resume that you would like to include for producers? (This information will be displayed on a spreadsheet, so best to keep your answers short. Examples: "Mime. Magician. Ukulele expert," or "Only available after June 30/on weekends.")

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If you have a virtual audition video link, please enter the YouTube or Vimeo URL here.

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If you have a headshot on file, please list the hosting link or website where it can be viewed.

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If you have a resume on file, please list the hosting link or website where it can be viewed.