Reserve a spot - get on the early bird list

Reserve a spot
Step 1 - Reserve spot for each child individually
Step 2 - Receive booking link 1 day earlier than everyone else on 18th January

*Note*You can make changes to this in the new year - this is not set in stone - this is just a expression of interest to reserve a spot so you don't miss out!

Large Classes = $18/class
GPT - Small Group PT = $25/class

What is GPT?

GPT – Small Group: 8 Teens per Coach 
* Weights - Strength training focussed on lifting weights and bodyweight-controlled movements.
* Strength Challenges - tracked weekly to monitor progress.
Great for teens & preteens who: -Fast Track
- Want to fast track their technique development!
- Have an injury that needs more 1on1 attention
Social Anxiety
- Will prefer to ‘get started’ with a small group environment

 It has been very Popular this year - for many teens to do 1 x large class per week and 1 x GPT per week.

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