Established in 2013, the Rising Star Award recognizes alumni, who have received their degree within the last 15 years, who are already making significant contributions to greater society through their professional and philanthropic work.

Nomination deadline is March 31, 2024.

This year's award recipient will be honored during the 2024 alumni weekend awards celebration. 

Eligibility Criteria:
* Each recipient must have attained notable achievement or made a lasting contribution in their professional, philanthropic, or voluntary endeavors.
* Each recipient must have graduated within the last 15 years.
* Each recipient must have earned a degree from Salem State University.
* It is preferred that recipient attend the awards ceremony to accept their award.
* The recipients are eligible to receive a specific award once, but are eligible to receive a different award in the future.

Nomination Requirements:
* The below nomination form must be completed in full.
* As part of the nomination form, nominators must submit 500 word or more statement establishing the candidate's qualifications with clear and concise detail as to why they should be selected for the award.
* The Awards Committee, comprised of volunteers for the Salem State University Alumni Alumni Association and Foundation, reserves the right to conduct independent research on a nominee. The Committee will only consider information when it is part of a submitted nomination.
* The Awards Committee will also not consider nominations that consist solely of a nominee's resume.
* Incomplete nomination will NOT be considered.

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2023 Rising Star Award Winner Andrea Satterwhite '11

Image of Pat Libby, Debra Lee Surface, Andrea Satterwhite, Cheryl Webster Crounse, and John Keenan

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* 1. Contact information for person being nominated:

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* 2. Person making the nomination:

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* 3. Please include a 500 word or more statement as to why you feel this person is the best candidate for the Alumni Rising Star Award. Include as much information as possible. Give specific examples as to why we should select this individual.