The Next Generation of Farmers and Agricultural Professionals

In 2005 the Maryland Young Farmers Advisory Board surveyed Maryland's Young Farmers to paint a picture of the agricultural landscape and understand the challenges that the next generation of farmers are concerned with.

In 2015 the Board conducted a similar statewide survey. These data sets have been used to shape decision making and develop programs and policies to increase the viability of agriculture.

Now, we want to hear from YOU as a farmer, rancher, agricultural professional, and all those who are involved in supporting the ag industry, to hear your perspective. The input that you provide in this survey will be used to inform decision makers from all corners of this state on what they need to be doing to support and protect Maryland's #1 industry. This survey will take about 20-25 minutes, so please take the time to commit to providing your honest feedback on each question.

Thank you for your valuable time, and we look forward to continuing to promote and support YOU and the future of Maryland agriculture.
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