Fill out the application below to be considered for the High School Equivalency (GED) Program Support.
The scholarship program is administered by Fresno Housing and Fresno Housing Beyond Housing and are designated to support the efforts of Fresno Housing residents working to attain higher education or participate in workforce training programs. The scholarship award will be a one-time payment.
The scholarship program and the eligibility requirements are outlined as follows:

The State of California has approved the GED High School Equivalency test for students (18 years old and older), to receive the California High School Equivalency Certificate. Scholarships are available for individuals desiring to attain this certificate by taking the 4 subject tests that make up the GED examination.

Scholarship applicants must meet the following requirements:
  • Must be a Fresno Housing (FH) resident or receiving housing assistance from FH
  • Age 18 or older
  • Verification of passing the GED (or other high school equivalency examination certified in the State of California)
*Scholarships are available for testing/examination costs only and will be available for a one-time reimbursement only.

Applicants must submit a completed scholarship application, along with all items listed here including a personal written statement. Applications must be submitted online. For further information or for any questions, please contact us at
If you need assistance completing this application, please see our virtual and in-person workshop schedule here:

Applications will be available on an ongoing basis.

All attachments must be completed for the application to be considered for an award.

If you have any questions or issues filling out the application, please email us at