Thank you for nominating someone for AMP leadership!  You are doing a great service for your colleagues and AMP’s mission. We want to be a stronger society by being more inclusive and ensuring that all members have an opportunity to engage with AMP. Descriptions for every position, with responsibilities, time commitments, and considerations for Nominating Committee vetting can be reviewed here: You will be asked to affirm review on the nomination form.

The first part of the form is for you to nominate yourself. The second part of the form is for you to nominate a colleague. Per the AMP Bylaws, only Regular Members are eligible to hold elected office. Associate and Emeritus members are not eligible. Please streamline the committee vetting process by nominating only Regular Members.

Positions Open for the 2024 Election
  • President-Elect
  • Program Committee Chair-Elect
  • Clinical Practice Committee Chair
  • Membership Affairs Committee Chair
  • Genetics Subdivision Chair
  • Infectious Diseases Subdivision Chair
  • Informatics Subdivision Chair
  • Technical Topics Representative to the Program Committee (a non-doctoral position)

Subdivision Representatives to:
  • Clinical Practice Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Program Committee
  • Training & Education Committee

Be prepared to provide a brief (200 words or less) statement indicating why you or the nominee would be well suited for the position as well as a CV (for self-nominations).