Award Overview & Qualifications

For an individual to qualify for a nomination, the technology executive must meet the following criteria:

1. Nominee must be Black (African/Afro-descent or origin)

2. Nominee must currently reside in the U.S. and have either U.S.-based or Global responsibility.

3. Nominee must currently or previously be the highest-ranking Technology/Digital Executive of a company who is also a thought leader or influencer. (C-Suite executives only).

4. Be a current member of ITSMF for at least 10 consecutive years in either an Executive or Associate member classification.

In addition to the above qualifications, the nominee must also demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Leadership: The individual has demonstrated admirable leadership in the face of crisis or has shown a unique capacity to show up beyond their role. Those leadership qualities include having a profound positive impact on people and continuously giving others the courage to excel. Also, embracing those around them that are not an immediate direct report.
  • Courage: The individual has taken stands on issues important to them and their work and is willing to push their organization and the technology industry to do better.
  • Integrity: The individual embodies qualities such as fairness, a commitment to equity, and a willingness to admit faults and learn from mistakes.
  • Unapologetically bold: The individual has built a “tribe” or organization around him/her to assist others in excelling.
  • The individual’s contributions to ITSMF promote inclusivity, diversity, and equity in the IT field.
  • The individual also promotes the goals and philosophies of ITSMF:
ITSMF mission: ITSMF increases the representation of Black professionals at senior levels in technology, to impact organizational innovation and growth. We do this by developing and nurturing these dynamic leaders through enrichment of the mind, body and soul.