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Program Overview
The Agriculture in the Classroom Grant Program provides educators an opportunity to receive funding for a variety of creative projects that increase student understanding of the source of their food and fiber. Educators with an innovative idea to connect their students to agriculture using school gardens, STEM concepts, and/or unique agricultural experiences are encouraged to apply.

Grants may be requested for up to $500. Agriculture in the Classroom reserves to the right to partially fund grant requests.

Applications are due by October 13. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance status in writing by November 15.

Applicants may apply by the early decision deadline of August 15 in order to receive expedited notification. All applications completed by August 15 will be notified of their acceptance status by September 8.

Applicants must meet at least one of the following eligibility criteria:
- Teacher or administrator of any Virginia PK-12 schools, public or private.
- Teacher or administrator of a before/after school program, including day cares.
- 4H and/or FFA clubs are eligible when applying for a project that will serve the general school population.
- PTAs or other parent organizations may apply when the project will directly engage students.

Project and Application Guidelines:
- Students must be directly engaged in the educational component.
- Special consideration will be given to those applicants who incorporate Virginia Agriculture in the Classroom materials and lessons into their projects.
- Grant checks will only be mailed and made payable to the school or organization, not to an individual. Please be sure your school address is correct when submitting.
- Only one grant per year will be approved for a school. If multiple teachers in a school are interested in applying, please consider options to combine into one application.
- Because of the popularity of this program, preference will be given to new projects or those projects that significantly expand upon a previously granted project.

Project Reporting and Fund Disbursement:
Successful applicants will be given half of the granted funds upon notification of selection and the remaining funds upon completion and filing of final report. Final reports must include at least 3 photographs of your project. If students are included in the pictures, please be sure that you have appropriate releases.

Final reports are due to AITC by May 31 (but may be completed at any time prior to the deadline) and may be completed online here:

Please be sure to complete entire grant application (ending with question #16) before exiting! You will not be provided with a copy of the application, so please copy and paste into a Word document for your records.

Contact with questions regarding your application.
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