The DBT Foundational Training requires that participants work in an active DBT program, currently participate in a consultation team, and will continue learning DBT with a mentor. Only people who have attended an approved comprehensive training in DBT (e.g., Intensive or Foundational) may serve as mentors for team members attending Foundational Training. A mentor is required to meet the following qualifications:
  1. Certification by the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification (DBT-LBC)
  1. Be an active member of a functioning DBT consultation team for at least 2 years post their own comprehensive DBT training, OR
  2. Be an active member of a functioning DBT consultation team with less than 2 years post-comprehensive experience and receive consultation from a BTECH consultant until they are 2 years post-intensive or the trainee completes their DBT Foundational Training, whichever occurs first, AND
  3. Must have received their comprehensive training from one of the following groups or be specifically recommended by a BTECH Trainer
    • Behavioral Tech or its International Affiliates
    • Cognitive & Behavioral Consultants, LLP, New York
    • German Association for DBT (DDBT)
    • Portland DBT Institute
    • Treatment Implementation Collaborative, LLC
    • University of Toronto, Centers for Addiction & Mental Health
    • University of Washington, Behavioral Research & Therapy Clinics
Please note: Please have this information available before you begin the survey. You will not be able to save your form and return to it. You must complete the entire form in 1 session.
  1. Payment confirmation order number
  2. Information about when and how often your DBT Team meets
  3. Information about the person who will serve as your mentor for the training, including:
    • Mentor's email address
    • Which comprehensive DBT training they have completed?
      • Training Name
      • Dates & Location
      • Instructors
      • The name of the training organization they completed their training with.
    • Duration & frequency of your mentorship
  4. Confirm that you have reviewed the Mentorship Agreement with your mentor and that they have agreed to the terms.

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