Welcome to the WMABA Labor Rate Survey

**If you run out of time, make sure you at least fill out the first page of basic labor rate information**

This survey is to determine the labor rate and billing practices in the Washington Metropolitan market (VA/MD/DC). If you are a Multi-Location facility, please fill out a survey for each individual location. No Shop Names will be published when the results are released.

If your Company is represented by more than one location, please complete a survey for each location. Shop identities will not be published with the results of this survey and will remain confidential. Names are only needed to track demographics and ensure that only one survey is cast per Repair Facility location.

No participant shall be allowed to discuss any subject relating to prices charged, discounts offered of any nature, or hourly rate with other participants. To do so is a violation of Federal Antitrust Laws (Title 15 of the United States Code).

The rates that are requested for this survey are your retail/cash/posted rates, not an agreement rate for an insurer or wholesale account.