Pasadena Chamber Dues Increase Survey-We Want to Hear From You.

The Board of Directors of the Pasadena Chamber will consider a dues increase as part of the budget deliberations for FY 2023-24. We want to hear from you about the proposal.

The Pasadena Chamber has seen a dramatic drop in revenue. Income options are limited. Our single biggest fundraising event has been taken away, leaving a deficit of more than $50,000 annually. Revenues from membership are also dropping due to closed or relocated members.

At the same time, we have reduced costs dramatically and cut expenses wherever possible.

You will be asked about increase options as well as alternatives we are considering to close our projected budget gap.

We are proposing approximately a 15% increase to the basic membership level. For those who pay the basic rate of $265 now, dues would increase to $300 per year. The Board also may be presented with an increase of about 25%. That would increase the base rate to about $325 per year. Others would adjust similarly. For those how pay a per employee cost or per room cost, only the base rate would increase. Any other costs would remain the same.

We have not raised dues for members since 2013. That increase was about 15% also and was the final increase of a three tiered approach that saw dues increase a total of 25%.

Answers are confidential and completely anonymous.

Thank you for your membership and support.

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* 1. Do you favor an increase to the base rate of dues for all Chamber members.

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* 2. Do you think an approximately 15% increase in dues is fair?

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* 3. Do you think a dues increase of 25% is fair?

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* 4. Would you favor a 25% increase spread over two years with 15% the first year and 10% the second.

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* 5. If a dues increase is not recommended, would you favor any or all of these options (check all you would want considered as alternatives to a dues increase):