Welcome to the HSU Educational Foundation TEAMS # 1 nomination survey.

Thank you for helping to bring recognition to the important contributions Okaloosa County high school educators are making in the fields of science, math and technology.

Please note that you are unrestricted in the number of nominations you make for different teachers, but multiple nominations of the same teacher WILL NOT impact their selection for an award. This nomination phase is not a popular vote to receive the TEAMS award, but is instead a location to put forward the name of a deserving candidate to participate in the TEAMS formal application process.

Students, Parents, Peers, Administrators, Faculty and members of the Okaloosa community are encouraged to submit a nomination. Teachers are also invited and encouraged to nominate themselves.

The HSU Educational Foundation provides $20,000 in awards to 4 TEAMS Winners each year! The program has been able to extend additional merit level prize awards through the generosity of sponsors such as Intuitive Research and Technology, Gulf Power and Beast Code! New Sponsors are welcome and we are honored by their contributions to our mission everyday! Thank you to each of these industry leaders advocating for excellence in STEM Education in our community!

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