Thank you for taking the time to consider participating in this research. This questionnaire gathers insights from members of the Uniting Church in Australia – South Australia about how they understand, and engage or participate in mission, both personally and as part of their local congregations and the wider church.
The research is being undertaken by Steve Taylor, Lynne Taylor, and Kayli Taylor from AngelWings Ltd on behalf of the Synod of South Australia. AngelWings Ltd is a small not-for-loss research company based in New Zealand, which offers expertise in empirical research and mission resourcing.
In choosing to participate, you indicate you have read this information about the research, and that any questions have been answered to your satisfaction. You understand that you are free to request further information at any stage and can do so by contacting
Before completing the survey, please acknowledge the following: 
I know that:
a) My participation is entirely voluntary
b) I am free to withdraw from the project. (If I want to withdraw, I will email and advise that I would like my data excluded, providing the approximate date and time I did the questionnaire and my IP address or other information that makes it possible to isolate my response.)
c) No personal identifying information is being gathered. However, any raw data on which the results of the project depend will be retained in secure storage for at least five years
d) I understand that I may decline to answer any particular question(s) and/or may withdraw from the project without any disadvantage of any kind
e) The results of the project may be published, and every attempt will be made to preserve my anonymity.
I agree to take part in this project.